ORA-24373 on Business Objects: A common cause for the Oracle error with scheduled reports

A common Oracle error when running scheduled reports is: ORA-24373

You experience this failure of a scheduled report running either on demand with the "run now" button or when initiated by the business objects job server via the scheduling mechanism with the following failure "ORA-24373"

From the oracle documentation:

ORA-24373: invalid length specified for statement
Cause: The length specified for the statement is either 0 or too large.
Action: Specify a valid length for the statement.

Not very helpful on the Business Objects side.

In BusinesObjects this is commonly caused because a report requires input from the user in the form of prompt values.

You can identify reports that require prompt values in Web Intelligence because when you refresh a document or a query you will be presented with the prompt dialog box:


When scheduled reports are run "headless" (initiated by the job server) they cannot present the prompt dialog interactively. There is no user to present the dialog to. What needs to be done to correct this situation is to specify the values from the CMC (or InfoView).

In the Central Management Console on the "Process" tab of the report there is a sub-tab labeled "Prompts"


If it there are prompt values expected, the prompt tab will be hot (clickable). If there are no prompt values then it will be grayed (non-clickable).

Specifying values here will eliminate the error.

A common place that this is encountered is when using canned reports supplied by Business Objects or a third party vendor. For example, you will run into this when using the auditor package on XI Release 2 for the BO supplied reports. Some of the reports require prompts for users.

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